My name is Terri Meguiar and thank you for visiting my shop today.
In my shop you will find an ever growing made to order assortment of collars and accessories including, harnesses, flowers, bow ties, bandanas, and leashes for both pups and kitties. I also will be adding an assortment of products for pet owners including bracelets, keyfobs and hair scrunchies to match your pet’s attire. 

I myself, live here in Michigan with my husband, 2 golden doodles and 2 cats. I am a devoted animal lover and have had animals throughout my life.. 
My inspiration for opening this store came about from my beloved dog KatyAnn who passed away in 2016.  KatyAnn was a white bichon schnauzer and my best friend.  She had many health issues towards the last years of her life including chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, atypical cushings disease and a lack of muscle mass.  Her lack of muscle mass prevented me from finding dog coats that would fit her properly so I decided to make her a coat myself.  I have always had quite the knack of sewing things such as clothing for myself and my kids when they were younger so this was something new and exciting for me to attempt to do.  I had so much fun making this coat and it looked so cute on her when I finished that I decided to make her a few more things. These additional accessories included a larger pet bed and a collar and leash set.

Anyways, I realized how much I enjoy custom making these pet accessories and I know there are many other fur parents out there having the same difficulty as I did finding the right size pet accessories for their pups and kitty cats. I would like to provide all parents of dogs and cats with more choice selections and custom sizing of products for their beloved pets. 

I do hope you will come back to visit my store from time to time and browse as my site will continue to grow. If you have any suggestions on products which you would like to see in my store in the future, please feel free to contact me with the information. I am looking for new suggestions all of the time.

Meet my team🧡